Questions Part 4

First things first, just wanted to say thank you to anyone who has done all four weeks of this. Even if you’ve only done one, thank you. Like I said in week one, answering questions like these have been one of the more beneficial things that I’ve done in my life. Just trying to pass along the things that work for me. This is the last week I’ll be doing this and I hope you guys got some sort of benefit/enjoyment from doing these questions. I throughly enjoy writing and giving back what I can so from here on out I’ll always be writing some form of a blog. Whether it’s just my thoughts, researched topics, or a mini series like this. It’s hard for me to write unless I’m really itching to express my thoughts on a certain topic so bear with me if my post are sporadic. And please, if you ever have any feedback, good or bad, let me know. I can handle it. And if you tell me my grammar is trash, I know. I hated english back in school. I’m working on it.

1.) Who do you want to be in life?

2.) What has been the most traumatic thing to happen to you within the past year? What were you able to learn from it? If nothing tragic has happened in the past year, what was the most traumatic thing to happen to you? Again, what did you learn from it and have you fully accepted the situation? 

3.) What are 10 ways you can save time?

4.) What have you done to make difference in the world?

5.) What are your two biggest weaknesses in terms of how you act? How could you improve them? What are you two biggest strengths? How do they benefit you throughout life?

6.) Imagine that you are 10 years older than you are currently right now. What would that version of you tell your current self? Example: What would my 35 year old self tell my 25 year old self?

7.) Are you living the life you desire?












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