And here you are . . .

Somehow how you, managed to make it to my blog. You handsome son of a bitch, you.

Enough of that.

Our logical next step, address who the hell am I. For practical, obligatory purposes, the name’s Justin. Sup. Pretty much all I got. After that, truthfully, if we’re getting honest, as honest as honest gets, the bee’s knee’s of honesty (I don’t even know what that means but I went for it anyways) nobody of great importance.

Until twenty three years of age, I had never written a day in my life. Never once did I think that maybe writing was a road worth traveling down. That is, until one night, where I was seconds away from falling asleep, I had an instant rush of ideas that I knew had to be written down and ultimately lead me to my very first blog.

Writing has become my way of getting ideas out of my head and into the world. Hopefully along the way those ideas resonate with you guys––or not, which is totally cool. At the very least I have a free form of therapy. But at the very most, I hope to have gotten you guys to think through these ideas for yourself. As they should be. As any idea should be.

My writing is all over the place and is usually consist of whatever’s on my mind at the time. It never revolves around a particular theme so take it as it comes. Hope you enjoy and thanks for taking the time to checkout my blog. Peace!

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